Ontario man dubbed ‘high risk to public safety’ after trying to join terror group set for release

“Kevin” Omar Mohamed is set for release amid concerns from parole board he hasn’t been deradicalized

An Ontario man who travelled to Syria to support an al-Qaeda-affiliated terror group is set to be released from prison — despite being considered of “high risk to public safety,” according to a decision by the Parole Board of Canada.

Kevin Omar Mohamed, now 26, pleaded guilty in June 2017 to participating in the activity of a terror group. He was later sentenced to four and a half years behind bars, receiving two and a half years credit for time served. He had no prior criminal history.

His sentence is set to expire in October 2019 and it’s unclear when exactly he will be released. 

According to the parole board decision obtained by CBC News, Mohamed travelled to Turkey in 2014 where he met members of Jabhat al-Nusra, a known terrorist group, and was smuggled in the trunk of a car to Syria.

Once there, the former University of Waterloo student tweeted out invitations for others to join the cause, giving detailed instructions on how a person could cross from Turkey into Syria.