John Ivison: Liberal tanker ban looks to be foundering in the choppy waters of the Senate

Garneau slipped up by acknowledging the real reason the Liberals are driving the bill through parliament, in the teeth of fierce opposition

Excerpt: “This sprawling platform was created by a third-place party that had been out of power for a decade and was throwing stuff at the wall,” said one person with close knowledge of the campaign. “When someone asked: ‘How are we going to do all this stuff?’ the response was: ‘We’ll only have to if we get elected.’”

The tanker ban, announced by Trudeau at Jericho Beach in Vancouver at the end of June 2015, fits that description. At the time, the Conservatives criticized the Liberal leader for “not understanding the implications of his policies.”

Once in government, the announcement of the moratorium killed the Northern Gateway pipeline to Kitimat, B.C..

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