The Left make their move against Canadians who dare to speak out on Facebook

The last piece of the censorship machine fell into place in Canada yesterday.

Karina Gould is Justin Trudeau’s point-man on the file. Her official title is Minister of Democratic Institutions, but that’s quite Orwellian, since the bulk of her work seems to be to weaken democratic institutions and make them subject to political meddling.

Yesterday she announced that she managed to persuade high tech companies to censor the Internet in the upcoming political election, a “declaration” in the name of “electoral integrity.”

But it has nothing to do with electoral integrity. There’s nothing in there about, for example, getting proof that voters are Canadian citizens — you don’t have to show ID anymore to vote in Canada. There’s nothing about stopping foreign-funded groups from meddling, as more than 100 groups did last time. Nothing in there about Unifor, the conservative-hating union, being in charge of doling out $600 million to Canadian reporters.

No, it’s the latest move by Trudeau’s Liberals to crack down on what they call “disinformation” and “fake news”, which is really just news they don’t like

Today all the big tech companies were paraded through Parliament.

And all of them were bashed — for not censoring enough.

Not one voice for free speech today in Parliament. The Liberals want to shut people up.