Toronto has little ammunition in handgun ban debate

Toronto on its own can’t do much to reduce the number of guns in the city and might have to look to the province for help even if Ottawa lets municipalities ban some types of firearms.

Those conclusions are in a city staff report going to Mayor John Tory’s executive committee Thursday, raising the possibility of yet more friction between the city and Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative government.

City council last year, in the wake of the Danforth attack that killed two people and injured 13 others, asked the Justin Trudeau Liberal government to ban the sale of handguns in Toronto.

Council also wants a cross-Canada ban on the sale, ownership and use of handguns, assault rifles and semi-automatic firearms, except for police, soldiers and the like, and other measures to track and restrict use of other firearms.

City staff were asked, amid a surge in homicides, to examine what Canada’s biggest city could do, in the meantime, on its own. Not much, it turns out, other than keep lobbying senior governments.