Justin “ban plastic” Trudeau’s family spends $300 per month on bottled water

Justin Trudeau is banning your picnic supplies and takeout boxes.

Trudeau made the promise in a nature preserve just outside of Montreal, setting his sights on a ban of single-use plastics, like bags, straws, and cutlery as early as 2021. Fast food containers made of polystyrene could also be on the Liberals’ hit list.

When asked by a reporter about what he’s been doing personally to eliminate single-use plastic in his life, Trudeau had some sort of malfunction at his junction, saying, after much stammering and bumbling that his family now only drinks water from “paper-like drink box water sort of things.”

But that’s not true.

We know the Trudeau family doesn’t drink out of “paper-like drink box water bottles sort of things” to fight plastic pollution.

According to our exclusive access to information investigation into the Trudeau household expenses, the first family spent over $300 on bottled water IN JUST ONE MONTH!