Will Fort McMurray Become Canada’s First Islamic City?

There are approximately 10,000 Muslims in Fort McMurray said Kiran Malik-Khan, Northern Lights Health Foundation board member. Fort McMurray is the home of the largest mosque in North America,a $50 million complex sized at 150,000 sq.ft.

Fort McMurray has a total population of 66,000. The Islamic-Canadian community currently makes up 15% of the overall demographic. According to Statistics Canada(if you can believe them), Canada’s overall Muslim population is less than 4% of our nation’s total. The Muslim population in Fort McMurray is four times the national average.

How many Canadians are aware of these facts? Certainly a $50 million mosque, the largest in North America, is worthy of making the mainstream news in Canada.

Now, a hospital in Fort McMurray has become the first in Alberta to offer halal meal options.