Greedy Pigs cafe stands firm after hate letter brands its name ‘disgusting, shameful and offensive’

A cafe owner has refused to change the name of her business after being told it was “wrong, disgusting, shameful and offensive” in an anonymous letter.

Shelly Harper, who runs the Greedy Pigs sandwich bar and diner on Paley Road, East Bowling, spoke out after receiving the worrying letter last week.

It has since been shared on social media, leading people to hit out at its message.

The letter says: “I am writing to you to inform you we as a whole community are extremely concerned about the name of your shop’s trade or the sign board. The name Greedy PIGS is extremely wrong, disgusting, shameful and offensive to the passer-bys and community.

“Please immediately change the name of your shop to something else which is not offensive. There is no need to call it Greedy Pigs.