Trudeau questioned by lawyers of senior woman suing him for $95K after being manhandled by his bodyguards

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was interviewed by lawyers on Tuesday morning in an ongoing injuries and defamation lawsuit.

The 74-year old Diane Blain is taking legal action against Trudeau after she alleges his bodyguards acted abusively towards her and the prime minister defamed her character at an August 16 event in Sabrevois, Quebec.

Blain is seeking a total of $95,000 in compensation from Trudeau including $30,000 in punitive damages. The claims against Trudeau include:

  • Corporal injury ($5,000)
  • Psychological damage, stress, and a loss of quality/enjoyment of life ($15,000)
  • Defamation and damage to her reputation ($30,000)
  • Infringing her right to free expression and opinion; and infringing her right to be treated without discrimination ($15,000)

According to Blain, her lawyer Christian Lajoie met with the prime minister and his legal team at 9:30 AM on July 16 in Montreal for an hour interview to prepare for the civil proceedings. Trudeau’s own personal itinerary place the prime minister in Montreal today, however it makes no mention of the legal meeting.

Videos of the incident show Blain heckling the prime minister for his handling of illegal immigration and whether Quebecers will be compensated for the costs they incur. Shortly after the incident, Blain is approached by two men, one who identify himself as an RCMP officers.

In another video Trudeau is seen telling the woman that her “racism has no place here”.