Gerald Butts Is Always Trouble

The dainty half-wit and his government have struck again. Another day comes with another scandal from this corrupt band of sods. Canadians can barely stay on top of one scandal before a new one emerges and Poletical cannot keep up with making videos about Trudeau’s scandals and horrors. When we compare this disastrous excuse for a government to a similar wreck in Ontario, one common denominator comes to sight: Gerald Butts. From the devastating government of Dalton McGuinty to the latest dark cloud hanging over Ottawa, Justin Trudeau’s dainty puppet master has been present from the start to the finish.

Prosecutions and criminal charges eventually evolved out of the government that preceded Kathleen Wynne’s equally destructive tenure. At the helm of most of Dalton McGuinty’s policies was his chief policy advisor and cohort, Gerald Butts—the same man who helped Trudeau sail to victory and eventually establish one of the most corrupt and arrogant Liberal government’s ever seen in Canada. Coincidentally, this federal government bears a striking resemblance to the Ontario Liberal government of Gerald Butts and Dalton McGuinty.

Cover-Ups And Lies

The now infamous Gas Plant Scandal saw McGuinty’s government lie and mislead the public about the cost of shuttering two natural gas power plants in Ontario. The difference in cost was a staggering $700M more than what McGuinty’s government had told the public and the Ontario legislature. When opposition parties asked the Liberal energy minister to hand over all of the documents pertaining to the true costs, the McGuinty government initially refused, citing “commercially sensitive and privileged information”. When ordered to turn over the material, the Liberals failed to provide all of the documents, and it would later be found that staffers engaged in stonewalling and illegal activity—which would eventually lead to criminal charges and a contempt ruling. David Livingston was one of the staffers charged and convicted for illegally destroying documents.

There is no evidence Butts was involved in any of this, as he was working for the World Wildlife Fund when the cover-up and scandal finally unravelled, but it seems similar tactics and antics have become a trademark of the Trudeau government, in which Gerald Butts was employed as the Prime Minister’s top aide.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but no one can say for certain. Before McGuinty was elected, Gerald Butts was considered one of his well-connected insiders. The same is now said of Gerald’s relationship with Justin Trudeau. The two have a personal relationship that stretches backwards in time across decades.

When Gerald Butts’ inevitable resignation befell him last month, it became clear that the SNC-Lavalin scandal was a scandal of his own making. Accusations claim that Butts, and others, pressed Jody Wilson-Raybould from the office of the PMO to give the corrupt Quebec firm a break on charges of corruption and bribery. Though not illegal, due to an obscure law passed by the Liberal government months prior, the pressure caused Wilson-Raybould’s resignation and allegations that she was pressed by “senior” staff within the PMO. The whole affair, including a very sloppy cover-up, was poorly handled by everyone involved.

The way in which the SNC-Lavalin cover-up unfolded was very similar to the stonewalling that took place during the Gas Plant Scandal in Ontario. Resignations, denials and diversions took place before the entire affair exploded and resulted in criminal and contempt charges. Whether criminal charges will result from this new Liberal scandal has yet to be seen, but if there was any wrongdoing, it would stem from the cover-up, not the pressure that was allegedly placed on Canada’s Attorney General to let SNC-Lavalin off the hook. Unless, of course, Trudeau threatened to fire or demote Jody Wilson-Raybould if she refused to comply. Thus far, her testimony does not suggest so.

We can now wait for what allegations and evidence will come from the Mark Norman trial as well…

Denials, Resignation And Theatrics

Gerald Butts’ denial of wrongdoing rings similar to the denials and resignations of top ranking McGuinty Liberals in Ontario—not long before the Gas Plant Scandal devolved into a spectacle of media fanfare and criminal investigations.

Unfortunately, the Butts resignation may be nothing more than a clever show of theatrics. Although Mr. Butts has resigned and been removed from the official PMO payroll, Butts and Trudeau’s friendship dates back decades and the dirty deeds and antics of the McGuinty government continued long after the resignation of Gerald Butts. There is no way to know for certain if Gerald Butts will continue whispering advice and strategy into Justin Trudeau’s ear from afar. Butts’ influence may continue to sway and direct the decisions coming out of Justin Trudeau’s office, just as it it may have during the years of Dalton McGuinty. We could never know. From outside of the PMO, Gerald Butts may continue his work as an off-the-record advisor and policy-maker to our dainty half-wit-in-chief. His resignation may have been nothing more than an attempt to take the heat off of Justin Trudeau in time for an important election.

Scott Brison’s resignation just weeks earlier was an indication that the trial of Mark Norman may reveal wrongdoing, just as the resignation of Gerald Butts hints at much of the same. As weeks press onward, new information could implicate Gerald Butts in a damaging series of events that come inconveniently during an election year. However, the resignation of Gerald Butts could prove to be a show of change—without much result.

The close friendship between Trudeau and Butts also leaves us with no guarantee that backroom strategizing and plotting will not happen around Justin Trudeau’s personal dinner table.


When all was said and done in Ontario in the aftermath of the Gas Plant Scandal, Gerald Butts and Dalton McGuinty got away scot-free. This scandal, however, could play out much differently for Gerald Butts—if he indeed engaged in actively attempting to hide or cover-up important details about the SNC-Lavalin affair or the PMO’s involvement in pressuring Jody Wilson-Raybould. As I stated earlier, the act of pressuring Wilson-Raybould may not be criminal in and of itself, but the act of hiding or covering up important details, as well as stonewalling official government requests, could contain hints of potential wrongdoing.

There is no evidence Gerald Butts engaged in any such behaviour, or that he would be dim-witted enough to make such foolhardy mistakes. However, his resignation hints that something severe could be hiding on the horizon. It is also possible, perhaps, his resignation was meant only to divert attention during an election year in hopes to calm the waters and prevent a Conservative blue wave in October.

Gerald Butts has long been a focus of conservative bloggers and social media personalities, and his involvement in policy-making inside Trudeau’s PMO has been well-known on Parliament Hill since 2015. The months ahead will see much more stonewalling from this Liberal government, perhaps with little new information.

Be assured, my friends, this Liberal government will not sacrifice its chances in an election. Even if new allegations surface, the true facts will not come to light until after the election… if Justin Trudeau can help it. This fierce determination to save an election and cover up facts could be the real scandals that unfold over the coming weeks—leaving one question: will journalists do their due diligence in bringing us the truth?