Modi ‘screwed’ Trudeau during 2018 India trip — and it’s become a poll issue in Canada now

Excerpt: Conservative leader Andrew Sheer, who is expected to face Trudeau in the October election critiqued Trudeau about the recent revelations.

“There Trudeau goes again, blaming others for his own mistakes and poor judgment. This time it’s @NarendraModi. Trudeau’s failed leadership is no one’s fault but his own,” Sheer tweeted.

Other politicians have called for restraint. Guy Caron, a foreign affairs analysts for the Canadian National Democratic Party (NDP), cautioned against letting these revelations spoil Canada’s diplomatic relations with India.

“It’s not appropriate for the prime minister’s former principal secretary to be making such comments while both governments are still in place,” Caron said. “This does not help our diplomatic relationships.”