UPDATE: It appears Canadian media fell for a viral political hoax

According to blogTO, the woman was arrested during the day for “assaulting people at Nathan Phillips Square.” CityNews reported she faced one count of assault, and three counts of assaulting a Police Officer.

Her sign, overtly political in nature, caused prominent media figures to actively call conservative figures to issue statements distancing themselves from her views.

For example, in a now-deleted tweet, David Akin, the Chief Political Correspondent for Global News, actively called on Scheer to distance himself from Davidson.

In a matter of hours, Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer tweeted that there was “no place” in both the Conservative Party and Canada for “her hateful language.”

Calgary-Nose Hill MP, Michelle Rempel, while voicing some skepticism at the authenticity of the footage, decried the woman’s opinions and actions as “garbage racist crap.”

The identity of the woman is now known to be 28-year-old South African-born Talya (Talia) Davidson, and the details emerging about her call into question the authenticity of both her message and her intentions.

According to a listing published by blogTo, “Talia Davidson is a writer based in Toronto, Canada. She was born in South Africa and studied archaeology at the University of Guelph and British Colombia. She was a journalist in Guadalajara, a weed trimmer in California, a wildlife worker in the Yukon, and owned a Venezuelan restaurant in Toronto. She now lives in Leslieville with her tortoiseshell cat, Chula.”

The Post Millennial was also able to recover a cache of Davidson’s short story blog, where she wrote about her appreciation for other cultures. For someone screaming anti-immigrant pejoratives, Davidson’s writing reveals a young woman captivated by other nations, travel, and diversity.

According to her Facebook, Talya is an individual who appears to believe that a vote for Scheer is a vote for “patriarchy” and by extension a vote for “good vs evil.”

Davidson’s Facebook profile intro calls upon people to “Vote for the Patriarchy,” the public page only having eleven posts total, the first made on August 11th at 8:04 am.

Important to note is that Davidson’s Facebook is not just two days old, but years old, dating back to 2015. Content from before August 11th has seemingly been attempted to be erased, but The Post Millennial was able to recover some content.

Davidson’s sentiments on her Facebook profile are very different from those The Post Millennial was able to uncover.

It would seem that Davidson had a rather long history of left-leaning views and pro-diversity views while only 24 hours of bizarre bigotry, racism, and “support” for the Conservative Party.

Among her uncovered history included a comment on a Now Toronto article decrying Islamophobia and comparing bras to hijabs, as well as a recent event planned in an Ethiopian restaurant, planned by comedian and former McGuinty speech writer Carolyn Bennett.