Pro-China Nationalists crash Hong Kong rally in Toronto driving luxury cars

Rising political tensions between China and the special administrative region of Hong Kong have been spurring enormous protests around the world in recent months, many of them escalating to the point of violence.

A large-scale demonstration in Toronto this weekend was no exception as duelling protest groups screamed, smacked each other and, in the case of Chinese government supporters, blocked off traffic with their luxury supercars.

Thousands of people gathered outside Toronto’s Old City Hall on Saturday afternoon for a planned protest in support of Hong Kong, where China’s government is said to be cracking down on democratic rights and freedoms.

What started earlier this summer as a series of demonstrations against a controversial extradition bill has turned into what Vox describes as “a broader fight to protect Hong Kong’s freedoms and civil liberties against encroachment from the Chinese government.”

The cars, all of them waving Mainland China flags, stopped to rev their engines as protesters assembled in support of Hong Kong.

Similar behaviour was observed in Vancouver during one of many pro-democracy rallies on Saturday.