GERMANY: Dispute over short skirt ends in brawl!

On Tuesday evening, around 8 pm, a brawl between two groups took place in Duisburg. The reason: the supposedly too-short skirt of a 50-year-old!

She was first addressed by a stranger (20) on her clothes. The police said on Thursday: “They considered the skirt of the Duisburg woman too short, and asked her to cover up, and according to testimonies asked why she must present her legs so.”

According to the police, the woman and her group of friends had a “noisy” exchange wondering why in the other group “women and men are sitting separately”.

The verbal battle ended in a brawl, one of the participants (24) injured his shoulder, the other thugs were only slightly injured. According to a police spokeswoman, all members of the group to which the woman belongs are German. In the other group, one person is Turkish, the rest are Germans with a migration background.