BREXIT: Queen chooses to Prorogue British Parliament to thwart anti-Brexit plot

BORIS Johnson is facing an anti-Brexit revolt after The Queen approved his request to suspend Parliament and stop Jeremy Corbyn’s plan to block a No Deal exit from the EU.

Her Majesty met with members of Privy Council today at Balmoral and an order to prorogue Parliament between September 9 to October 14 was given the green light this afternoon.

Protests have taken place outside Parliament this evening as Jeremy Corbyn accused the PM of a ‘constitutional outrage’ and demanded a meeting with the Queen to urge her to U-turn on her decision.

Brexiteer and Lord of the Council Jacob Rees-Mogg , Baroness Evans and Mark Spencer MP were the three counsellors who met the Monarch today on behalf of the PM.

While the Queen’s decision is a boost for Boris it would have been unprecedented for her to refuse the request of a sitting PM.

No10 would have expected this step and will now look towards fighting a Corbyn no confidence vote in the Commons.

Boris’ bold move to block MPs from sitting in Parliament for around five weeks over conference season will give rebels less time to launch new plots to stop the UK from leaving on October 31.

MPs would come back for a Queen’s Speech on October 14 under the plans, just two weeks before the UK is due to leave the EU.

That would leave just days for a possible vote of no confidence in Boris, or for rebel MPs to pass a law to push back the Brexit date.