Good Night Disqus CHANNEL World

Good-bye Disqus Channel friends, colleagues and enemies!

This has been a wild ride to be sure. From Channel Wars to melt-downs to taking my ball and going home. We surely have seen it all (pretty much).

Now, it’s time for a new era. None of our Disqus accounts will be deactivated. We will still be able to enjoy the anonymity that Disqus afforded us for the past several years. After all, that’s why so many real-life people are so loyal to Disqus. Only now, there is a 2nd (and sometimes 3rd-party) company involved in our personal information like IP addresses, email addresses, etc.

Who to trust? Who to distrust? Before rushing to judgement, it may be wise to formulate an argument to back up your position. This is a Brave New World for almost all of you/us.

For those of you that choose to see me on this side, CHEERS!

For those of you that choose to do so “anonymously”, CHEERS!

For those of you that choose so stay away for whatever reason, RESPECT!