Foreign press: Canada to receive 100,000 Palestinians from Lebanon and Syria

There’s a problem in Canada: Our Media Party is so housebroken, it’s no longer a guard dog or watch dog. It’s a lap dog.

To get real Canadian news, you need to read foreign newspapers and watch foreign TV shows. Everyone else in Ottawa is just too careful — because if they are too aggressive with Trudeau, he’ll cut them off.

I was reminded of this by, surprisingly, a left-wing Muslim comedian and environmental extremist in the U.S. named Hasan Minhaj. That’s the default political position of most of Canada’s journalists, too. But they’re too obedient to Trudeau to question him on those matters.

In the latest episode of his Netflix show Patriot Act, Minhaj sat down with Trudeau and asked him about Canada-Saudi relations. I haven’t seen a Canadian journalist do that in memory, have you? Certainly not in a one-on-one interview like that.

The foreign media is tougher on Trudeau than our own media is, because the foreign media is not on Trudeau’s payroll.

Anyway, speaking of foreign media, I saw a report today in the Jerusalem Post, the most authoritative English-language newspaper in Israel:


According to the article, Canada would receive 100,000 Palestinians from Lebanon and Syria and a further 16,000 would be sent to other countries including Spain.

There’s no war in Lebanon right now.

In fact, there are only a few thousand Palestinian refugees, if you can call them that, who were displaced when Israel was created as a state in 1948, and all of its Arab neighbours immediately declared war on it. Israel won that war and survived. There are not 100,000 Palestinian refugees; these are people who were born and raised in Lebanon. They’re Lebanese. Palestinian isn’t even an ethnicity or a religion — they’re Arabs who speak Arabic.

Remember, Israel has already offered the Palestinians literally everything. All the land, plus money, plus weapons, seriously. And Yasser Arafat rejected it.

I don’t get it. Maybe it went like this — maybe Lebanon insisted these Palestinians go to Israel; Israel surely objected; maybe Donald Trump, the man trying to bring peace to the Middle East said give them to Canada, they’ll take anyone

I don’t even know if this report is real.  I believe that the Jerusalem Post accurately reported what the original source, an Arabic language Lebanese newspaper said. The Press Secretary for Canadian Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Ahmed Hussen denied the report

But I’m absolutely sure that Trudeau would approve of the idea.