ONTARIO: Federal Liberal candidate loves Fidel Castro, just like Trudeau does

The Conservatives are hoping to embarrass a Liberal candidate in Eastern Ontario over comments she made about the late Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.

Although given what Justin Trudeau thinks of Castro and, of course, of basic dictatorships, it’s unlikely this candidate will walk the plank before the election is called later this week. In fact, if the Liberals win, she could be up for a cabinet post.

“Long live the Revolution,” Heather Megill wrote in a Facebook post in November, 2016.

That comment from Megill, nominated by the party just last week, was part of a longer post defending Trudeau who had come under fire for his tone deaf praise upon Castro’s death.

There is no way to praise a man like Castro who rose to prominence with a promise to rid Cuba of a corrupt government and outside interference and then became everything he claimed to be replacing.

Unless, of course, you are Trudeau.