Parents told to stop ‘terrifying’ children with climate change warnings amid surge of ‘eco anxiety’ cases

Parents are being warned not to “terrify” their children with doomsday climate change warnings amid a surge of young people seeking treatment for “eco anxiety”.

Apocalyptic forecasts of climate catastrophe by activists such as Extinction Rebellion and Greta Thunberg are being relayed by parents in terms not “age-appropriate”, experts say. As a result, they are triggering mental health problems among youngsters.

Psychologists at Bath University reported a “tsunami” of children turning to doctors, therapists and teachers for help to calm their worries of impending doom, with some prescribed psychiatric drugs.

Now the Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA) has issued a guide to “age appropriate” climate discussion for parents, and is calling for anxiety sparked by fear for planet Earth’s future to become an official psychological condition.