Cars in future could be brought to standstill if driver gets too angry

Drivers could have their cars brought to a standstill when they become agitated under a vehicle safety system being developed by Huawei.

Thermal-imaging cameras and heart-rate monitors could be used to tell when the driver is angry and the vehicle’s speed could be automatically cut.

According to papers lodged with the European Patent Office, an on-board computer would be able to “detect changes in driver temperament” and calculate how much of a danger they are becoming.

It would use thermal-imaging monitors to detect if the driver gets overheated, along with sound, movement, heartbeat and GPS sensors to calculate levels of “distress”.

An algorithm would calculate if “behaviour is normal-impaired” and issue warnings depending on how much the driver is “deviating” from their normal mood, skin temperature and position on the steering wheel.

The Chinese company’s “road rage detection” system would include an audio sensor programmed to recognise offensive words or if the driver’s tone changes.

Sensors would also be alerted for distressed body language and hand gestures, such as “a clenched fist” or flipping the “middle finger”.