Bell: Kenney wants cops enforcing tough trespass laws

 Excerpt: “I know I quoted this Mountie in the previous column but I have to do it again. You can’t make this stuff up.

“We allowed the protesters to protest as their legal right, even though they did occupy a turkey farm, which is a trespass and break-and-enter.”

A trespass and break-and-enter and the occupation of a farm.

So where are the charges? Eddie Maurice was charged in a lot less time than a month — and he was the good guy.

Can’t wait for the pipeline protesters. Protesters 1. RCMP 0.

By the way. what exactly does the Fort Macleod detachment of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police need?

Do we bring in CSI: Miami? How about a new edition of Sherlock Holmes, The Mystery of the Jackasses at the Hutterite Turkey Farm?”

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