CANADA: Singh (NDP) rises quickly in leader approval ratings

Job approval ratings released to the Toronto Sun by Campaign Research show the NDP and Green leaders have higher approval ratings than the Liberal or Conservative leaders, with Singh spiking up in recent days.

Singh’s NDP may be polling at 14% voter support nationally, but his personal job approval rating jumped up to 33% in October from 22% in September.

May meanwhile has the highest job approval rating, sitting at 39% approval even though her party polls at 11%.

Maybe it’s the fact that neither one is really a threat to seize power after the October 21st vote — that surely much be a factor.

Trudeau and Scheer meanwhile sit at 31% and 29% approval respectively.

Both men also have higher negatives, with 54% saying they disapprove of the job Trudeau is doing while 47% disapprove of Scheer.