The battle for B.C.’s Lower Mainland: Liberals hope to make inroads while NDP fights for its foothold

“Between breaks for applause, Singh offers a few talking points before training his focus on the NDP’s candidate in the riding of Port Moody—Coquitlam. Bonita Zarrillo, a city councillor for the last six years, is among the party’s best hopes of holding onto a cluster of crucial seats in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, potentially staving off what polls suggest could be an electoral wipeout for the NDP.

“We know we’re going to win in this riding for sure with Bonita as a three-term city councillor and a passionate voice for the community,” Singh tells the crowd.

The region is also a primary target in the re-election bid of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, who came to power in 2015 as part of a wave that painted this region red. Trudeau chose the nearby riding of Vancouver—Kingsway as the first stop in his election campaign, flanked by local candidate Tamara Taggart, a former TV newscaster, and Sara Badiei, an engineer and former international aid worker running against Zarillo in Port Moody.”