Voter card mailed to non-Canadian citizen

Excerpt: Lisa Ludlow and her husband Glenn both received voter cards in the mail for the upcoming federal election.

The cards contain information on how to vote, and can be presented alongside another valid piece of ID or proof of address in order to vote.

There’s just one problem.

“He’s not a citizen, he shouldn’t be getting these, and he won’t vote,” Ludlow said.

“He files taxes as a permanent resident, yet for some reason Elections Canada sends him voter cards.”

The couple live in Swift Current, Sask. Ludlow’s husband is Australian and a permanent resident. Last election, he received a voter card as well, and at the time they contacted Elections Canada.

But it didn’t seem to matter, because once again, like clockwork, the card was in the mail.

“My concern is, how many others are getting voter cards?” Ludlow said. “If you’re not a citizen it shouldn’t be happening. There’s a glitch in the system.”

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