Bell: Kenney and Greta, never the twain shall meet

“No white hat. No heart-to-heart sitdowns with councillors discussing her plans for our one-way ticket to the Stone Age.

No meeting with the mayor. Say what? Greta doesn’t want to talk to the best mayor in the world. Guess that story didn’t make the Swedish papers.

No, none of the political fawning over Greta seems to work. All the political grandstanding doesn’t pay off. Again, sigh.

On Wednesday, the teenage crusader who wants to crater the oilpatch and the use of its products in a hurry, is spotted two blocks up the street from Nenshi. One of the mayor’s colleagues goes up and gives Greta one of Nenshi’s cards and passes on a message.

If she has time, Nenshi would love to chat.

Greta doesn’t have time. She is on her way to Edmonton. Oh my.”

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