Canada’s border agency ‘cancels’ arrest warrants for people it wants to deport but cannot find

WATCH: Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau refuses to say if border agency should stop cancelling arrest warrants. Conservatives say Trudeau’s claims about Canada Border Services Agency funding cuts are “categorically false.”

Millions of people come to Canada every year to work, study and visit. Tens of thousands more come to make asylum claims.

When their visas expire or their refugee claims are rejected, they are supposed to leave. But not everyone does.

Currently, there are more than 48,000 active arrest warrants in Canada for people wanted on immigration violations. According to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), the “vast majority” of these cases involve people wanted for deportation.

But these figures may not tell the whole story.

Global News has learned the CBSA cancels arrest warrants for failed refugee claimants and other people wanted for removal who it cannot find, even in cases where it is not clear whether a person has left Canada.