She’s not a Canadian citizen but got a voters card: ‘Bound to be a few errors’ says Elections Canada

PARRY SOUND-MUSKOKA — “A permanent resident who lives in Huntsville but does not have Canadian citizenship is sounding the alarm after receiving a voter information card for the 2019 federal election.

“It was quite the shock because, first, I’m not a citizen and, second, I’ve never received a voter card in the 45 years I’ve been here,” the resident, whose name has been withheld, told this newspaper.

Permanent residents, according to the federal government, are people who have immigrated to Canada and have been granted permanent resident status — they could be spouses of Canadian citizens, students or workers, live-in caregivers or protected persons, as examples — but have not obtained Canadian citizenship.

And while people with permanent resident status have certain rights and responsibilities for living in Canada, they cannot vote.

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