OPINION: The NDP election results were awful and Singh should go

 “… Of all the federal parties, the NDP is in the worst shape financially and organisationally.  They would have the most to lose if the Liberal government was brought down in the near future and a snap election was to be called – another reason not to enter a leadership race at this time.

Justin Trudeau and his PMO knows this.  Don’t assume the Liberals will be pushed around by NDP demands.  There will be no coalition or any kind of formal agreement either.  The Liberals will try to govern alone and drag the NDP along for the ride.  How much of what the Liberals do will Singh be able to take credit for (or be blamed for) will now be his record going into the next election.  Which is just around the corner.”

Link to Source: https://looniepolitics.com/the-ndp-election-results-were-awful-and-singh-should-go/