“Racist” play cancelled by Surrey school district after Vancouver group objects

U.S. theatre group’s manager/director hints at legal action and says production is actually ANTI-RACIST

The play, Double Trouble, was scheduled for one performance on Saturday (November 2) at the Bell Performing Arts Centre (BPAC) in Surrey. According to the BPAC website, the play’s plot concerns a Middle Eastern couple who loses their life savings to a Nigerian scammer.

A U.S-based troupe, Ajyal Theatrical Group, is touring the production. The 1,100-seat BPAC is owned and operated by Surrey School District No. 36, although the play was being mounted for public viewing, with ticket prices ranging from $59 to $87.

The school district cancelled the show soon after being contacted about the group’s concerns.

In its statement, No Blackface Vancouver cited “blackface; the perpetuation of racist, anti-Black, anti-African (anti-Nigerian) and Orientalist narratives and tropes; and the inappropriate use of stereotypically exaggerated African and Chinese costume” as reasons to scrub the production.