OPINION: Sorry, but men cannot have periods

“Men can’t experience menstruation, no matter how often we are told otherwise. These anti-science claims about menstruation are just another talking point in the Left’s appropriation of everything female. Just this week, a doula (birth coach) was hounded out of her industry in the United Kingdom for daring to state that only women have babies. Because biology is transphobic, or something.

Despite the unrelenting push “forward” toward a new gender-fluid future, it’s heartening to see how much pushback these science deniers are facing from ordinary Americans.

While transgender talking points may dominate socially liberal newsrooms at Yahoo News or in the circles of those running the Parents Instagram account, they aren’t in touch with an overwhelmingly large segment of the American population. Far-left liberals have no idea how thick their bubble is until it’s popped, as it was this week on Instagram in the viral Parents post.”

Full column: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/sorry-but-men-cannot-have-periods