Bernie Voters Threaten to Sit Out Election if Democrats Steal Primary From Him Again

In 2016 Wikileaks exposed that the Democrat primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Leaked DNC emails revealed top DNC officials were supportive of Mrs. Clinton and made sure it was difficult, if not impossible for Senator Bernie Sanders to ever win his party’s nomination.

Crooked Hillary went on to lose to Donald Trump in an electoral college landslide.

Four years later it looks like the Democrat Party is scheming to do it again.

CNN rigged the final debate before the Iowa caucus in favor of Liz Warren.

Now the Bernie voters are threatening to sit out the election if Democrats cheat again.
The Washington Examiner reported:

Bernie Sanders supporters are warning that a lack of enthusiasm for Joe Biden could bring about the same result that nominating another establishment Democrat did four years ago: electing Donald Trump.

Sanders backers fret the socialist Vermont senator, 78, is being consistently ignored and underestimated by Beltway insiders and a Washington-based press corps — the same bunch, in their view, who failed to predict Trump’s 2016 White House win and were sure Hillary Clinton, who beat Sanders for the Democratic nomination, would easily prevail.

They’re particularly steamed Sanders, a socialist who has been in Congress since 1991, isn’t getting his due though he’s proven to have staying power in public opinion and fundraising, even after suffering a heart attack last October. As of last week, he leads a tight four-horse race in Iowa ahead of the first-in-the-nation caucuses on Feb. 3, raising a record figure of $34.5 million in the final financial quarter of 2019 for a total of $96 million.

Nominating a career center-left candidate such as Biden, the former vice president and 36-year Delaware senator, would dampen enthusiasm by the liberal populist grassroots, Sanders backers contend.

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