Canada Schools Debate How to Act on Common Cold Symptoms

OTTAWA—Just four days into the new school year, Trevor Boutilier’s five-year-old son was sent home from his Ottawa kindergarten with a runny nose and slight cough, and told to stay away until he’d had a COVID-19 test and was symptom free. The local testing centre was overrun, so Boutilier drove his son miles out of the city to a small town for the test. They waited for four days for the result, which came back negative. By then, his son, who suffers seasonal allergies, had been symptom free for days and missed nearly a week of school. “If you’re going to send them home and have them get COVID tested for every runny nose and every sniffle then you’re never going to have any kids in school,” Boutilier said. “You’re just going to have line-ups upon line-ups at the testing centres.” The long checklist of symptoms that Canadian schools and …Read More