Alberta Mulls Replacing RCMP With a Provincial Force

The Alberta government has hired Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) Canada to study whether the province should replace the Royal Canadian Mounted Police with a provincial force. This is not the first time the idea of transitioning away from the Mounties has come up in Alberta. In 2001, the so-called “firewall letter” to Premier Ralph Klein proposed establishing a provincial police force to replace the RCMP. Ted Morton, political science professor emeritus at the University of Calgary, was one of the six signatories of the letter. He says the idea makes even more sense now. “There’s no question that in the last decade or even two decades, rural Albertans have been poorly served by the RCMP,” Morton told The Epoch Times. “You can talk to people who have had theft issues and lack of response.” Morton believes more Albertans would want to join the police force if they didn’t have to …Read More