Border Restrictions May Ground Many Snowbirds This Winter

In a normal year, between 300,000 and 375,000 Canadians would spend the winter in the United States or Mexico, but the pandemic makes that unlikely this year. The ban on non-essential travel for vehicles crossing the border has been renewed until Nov. 21, and may be extended after that. Until that changes, many snowbirds are grounded at home. Kelly Brems discovered Catemaco in Veracruz, Mexico, while on a motorcycling road trip. For the past two winters, he and his partner Amy Simmonds have put their motorcycles in their truck, driven from their home in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, to Oklahoma, where they left the truck with a friend and then motorcycled the remaining 600 kilometres to Catemaco. “It’s so relaxed,” Simmonds said in an interview. “For me it’s the lifestyle. It’s just a lot slower pace and it’s cheap—super cheap where we are.” The couple rent a two-bedroom apartment for $167 a …Read More