NDP suffer “catastrophic” by-election losses: Pro-Trump UCP candidate wins “bigly”

Last night the United Conservatives won two by-elections in Alberta — one in Fort McMurray-Conklin and the other in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake — both ridings previously won by Wild Rose in 2015.


The story of the day wasn’t the predictable wins but rather, the complete and total collapse of the NDP vote, especially in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake.

That’s because the NDP, their government-funded press secretaries and their friends in the mainstream media, ran an enormous smear campaign against the UCP’s Devin Dreeshen.

And what was the smear? Apparently, Dreeshen was guilty of the crime of being a Trump supporter. He wore a MAGA hat!

Imagine being so out of touch with the sentiments of rural Alberta that you’d think accusing a conservative candidate of supporting a Republican President was an effective way to scare away conservative voters.

If anything, knowing that Dreeshen was a bold Trump supporting conservative made me like him even more and it seems the voters of Innisfail-Sylvan Lake thought so too.

Dreeshen won his riding with 82% of the vote. Nicole Mooney, the NDP candidate who publicly renounced a key tenet of her religious faith for the opportunity to run for the NDP, finished with a pathetic 9%.

After over a week of the NDP and their surrogates calling Dreeshen and his supporters anti-woman, xenophobic, homophobic, any-phobic something or others, Dreeshen finished with a stronger vote share than anybody could have expected.