Federal government will award $1 million to first Canadian flight to use 10 per cent biojet fuel

According to a Friday announcement made by the federal government, Alberta could cash in on a new initiative to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation industry. The Liberal government announced it was issuing a nationwide challenge to develop clean and affordable biojet fuel for the aviation sector.

In 2016, Canada signed onto an international aviation agreement to curb emissions, with participants aspiring to achieve carbon-neutral growth by 2020 and a 50 per cent reduction in emissions by 2050.

As per the announcement, Ottawa will launch two competitions. The green aviation fuels innovation competition will provide $2 million apiece for four teams who develop the most economical and environmentally sustainable aviation fuel. The winner gets a $5-million grand prize.

Another competition will award the first participant to fuel a Canadian commercial flight using a minimum 10 per cent blend of made-in-Canada biojet fuel a prize of $1 million.