WARMINGTON: PM Trudeau’s encounter with heckler raises questions

The Prime Minister’s Office has not commented yet.

Nor has the RCMP.

The mainstream media has been mostly silent.

But social media is buzzing about the video of an interaction between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a woman who was heckling him at an Aug. 16 Liberal event in Sabrevois, Que.

The exchange, in French, between the two was heated, but what happened to the woman afterwards borders on something one might see in a police state rather than a free speech democracy.

It’s ugly.

And when the dust settled, the older woman is seen saying she had a bruise on her arm.

“If Stephen Harper had done this, there would have been round the clock At Issue panels, satellite TV trucks, and special intro graphics for emergency coverage of this on every news network in Canada,” tweeted Conservative MP Michelle Rempel.

She is 100% correct.

Full column: Toronto Sun