Maxime Bernier should decide if he wants Tories or Liberals to win, Michelle Rempel says

OTTAWA — In an attempt to set the narrative for this week’s policy convention in Halifax, Andrew Scheer’s Conservative team laid out its policy agenda for “fair, orderly and compassionate” immigration, but once again was knocked off message by maverick caucus member Maxime Bernier.

Conservative immigration critic Michelle Rempel and treasury board critic Gerard Deltell held a news conference in Ottawa on Wednesday to unveil the party’s immigration platform, which includes a plan to travel across the country to hear Canadians’ views.

Rempel criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for what she says has been the lack of a clear vision on immigration policy. This has led to a polarization of debate over how Canada should manage the flow of immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, she said.

Canada needs a multi-pronged and detailed immigration plan given competing demands, Rempel said.

She pointed to calls from advocacy groups for Canada to take more refugees amid an influx of tens of thousands of irregular border crossers, as well as requests from industry and business groups for more immigration to sustain local economies in areas that also face high unemployment rates.

“Canada is and should remain a country that welcomes newcomers,” she said. “The question is under what principles and what policy — the question is how, not if.”

Rempel said her party would:

— be more transparent about how immigration levels are determined;

— completely overhaul the low-skilled temporary foreign worker program;

— amend the Safe Third Country Agreement with the U.S. to reduce the flow of irregular migrants;

— and revamp resettlement services for newcomers.

Full article: Calgary Sun