Philippines president questions whether Trudeau understands history, politics

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte revived attacks on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Tuesday over a helicopter deal that he cancelled himself earlier this year.

Duterte called off plans to buy 16 helicopters from Canada in February after news that the prime minister was reviewing the deal over human rights concerns.

The agreement stipulated by the Trudeau government for the estimated $300-million deal said helicopters could not be used for combat.

In February, Duterte offered a nearly $500 bounty for each communist rebel killed by government forces to save on anti-insurgency costs and said insurgents are easier to hit than birds because they have bigger heads.

During a lengthy speech in the country’s Cebu city on Tuesday, Duterte slammed Trudeau for what he called “delays” in the deal, and said he doesn’t understand the “history of the world and geopolitics.”

“So they [Canadian government] are delaying the chopper deal. Why? ‘You will use it against your own citizens.’ For God’s sake, Mr. Trudeau, my own citizens are rebelling against us, killing my soldiers and policemen and civilians,” Duterte said.

He then questioned whether Trudeau should be prime minister.

“And I cannot use the helicopter because they are citizens, but they are out to overthrow my government. If you cannot understand, you should not be there in that mighty post of yours because you do not know the history of the world and geopolitics.”

Duterte added that his government wanted to carry on with the helicopter deal, but Trudeau insisted on “pretending to be peaceful.”

Full article: Global News