CRAZY CLIMATE CLAIM: Catherine McKenna Says “Climate Action” Is “$30 TRILLION Opportunity”

That’s nearly 20 times bigger than Canada’s GDP.

As the Liberals ‘national climate plan’ collapses, it seems Catherine McKenna is retreating into the realm of fantasy.

On Twitter, she made the absurd claim that ‘climate action’ (AKA screwing over taxpayers with massive carbon taxes) is a “$30 TRILLION “opportunity.”

“Would also be good if the federal Conservatives had a plan to tackle climate change. But like the Harper gov’t, they fail to understand the real costs of climate change to Canadians – from extreme heat to fires to flooding – and the $30 trillion opportunity of climate action.”

McKenna’s tweet is laughably bad, for a few reasons.
First, the Liberals actually kept the same climate targets put in place by the Conservatives, so it’s odd to say the Conservatives have no plan when the Liberals didn’t change the targets they inherited.

Second, Canadians hate the Liberal plan, with support for the carbon tax collapsing.

And third, the idea of a “$30 TRILLION opportunity” is absurd.

Either McKenna is referring to some vague idea of long-term global investment (so not benefiting Canada), or she’s claiming that it’s a $30 trillion opportunity for Canada – which is simply impossible. That’s almost 20 times bigger than our entire economy, and it ignores the fact that Liberal ‘climate action’ is reducing economic growth and pushing investment away.

It seems that McKenna is now retreating into a fantasy world, rather than acknowledging that Canadians have rejected her failed ‘climate policies.’ We can recognize a blatant tax-grab when we see it, and millions of Canadians aren’t willing to put up with it any longer.

Source: Spencer Fernando