NYT Publishes Short Story About Trump Assassination

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The New York Times published a short story Tuesday which envisioned the assassination of President Trump.

The story was submitted to the paper after the publication asked novelists to imagine an end to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation.

English writer Zoë Sharp imagined a scenario where a Russian assassin was tasked with killing Trump in a short story titled, “How it Ends.”

A twist occurs in the story when the Russian assassin’s gun misfires. A Secret Service agent near the president “heard the click” of the gun, and instead of apprehending the shooter, hands him his own weapon. “’Here,’” the agent said politely. ‘Use mine. …’”

The Daily Caller notes that the story also contains what appears to be an “allusion” to Fox News, with Sharp writing, “The channel once snidely referred to as ‘state TV’ now delighted in showing long shots through the White House railings of men in uniforms removing boxes of incriminating paperwork.”

Sharp said Wednesday on Twitter that her “aim” in writing the story was to make people laugh.