Calgary urban farm refusing to move despite order from province

With just over a month to vacate its property, a Calgary urban farm is digging in despite orders from the provincial government to make way for construction of the southwest ring road.

Paul Hughes, founder of Grow Calgary, said the non-profit isn’t prepared to pull up stakes without more dialogue with the province, despite being offered an alternate piece of land.

“We have no intention of moving,” he said Sunday.

“You could give me any parcel of land in the city and I’ll turn it into a farm, but that’s not the problem. It’s not the land. It’s the bureaucracy. It’s the politics. It’s the government.”

Grow Calgary is the largest urban farm in Canada, which grows fresh produce for vulnerable Calgarians. It has about 30,000 volunteers and has served about 40 food access agencies in Calgary.

Hughes said the province has failed to properly explain why they need to move.

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