“Long overdue”: Ford cuts off Forests Ontario’s corporate welfare

The mainstream media and the organized left in Ontario are furious with Premier Doug Ford for cutting the $4.7 million the provincial government gives annually to Forests Ontario.

But I think it’s a good thing for a lot of different reasons.

Today I’ll show you how Forests Ontario’s project to plant 50 million trees on private land was just a crony capitalism project to provide corporate welfare to seedling nurseries.

I’ll also show you how ineffective the project was:

With 12 years under their belt and 5.5 years left in their timeline, Forest Ontario has taken roughly $50 millionfrom the Ontario government and barely achieved half the goal of 50 million trees.

I’ll also show you, using Vivian Krause’s research, that Forests Ontario was a recipient of Tides Foundation money in 2015. That alone should disqualify them from public funds, especially now that the Ontario PC’s have vowed to never stand in the way of resource development.

Trees are important and seedlings are cheap. If you like them and want them, then pay for them yourself.