Tommy Robinson to run for MEP!

A Letter From Tommy
They’re laughing at us.

All of them — Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn, the European Union bureaucrats. 17.4 million of us voted for Brexit, but they don’t care about people like us. They’ve tried to silence us, and they took away our democratic rights by betraying Brexit.

The election on 23rd May is how we fight back. Put me right inside the EU and they won’t know what hit them. They’ll long for the days when it was just Nigel Farage.

I admire what Farage achieved in the past. But at the end of the day, he’s just another millionaire stockbroker who looks down at the working classes. And he’s terrified of talking about issues like the Islamification of Britain. He won’t fight the battle for the heart of our country — in fact he bad-mouths those who do.

I’ve spent a decade fighting for Britain — especially for the forgotten people who have no voice. The elites have tried to silence my own voice, whether it’s throwing me in jail on trumped up charges of contempt of court for my journalism, or pressuring social media companies to delete my Facebook page. As a community activist, and then as a journalist, I’ve always fought for the British people, from the very first day I saw how our armed forces were abused in the streets. Now it’s time to move that fight right into the heart of the EU itself.

If you elect me to the European Parliament, I’ll represent you, the working class of England. Whether it’s enforcing our borders and cutting back on immigration, or taking back our national sovereignty to make British decisions in Britain, or fighting to preserve our national identity against Islamification, I’m on the side of the people. Right now, only 4% of our MPs are working class and it shows.

The elites want it business as usual — the big politicians, the big banks, the big media. The entire establishment is against Brexit. Everyone’s against it but the people.

I’m with the people — the armed forces; the families who have suffered from Muslim rape gangs; the working class people who have been left behind economically. People who have been mocked by the elites, who were told they just don’t count.

Well, on 23rd May, we all count the same, don’t we? Rich or poor, powerful or meek, we each get one vote. And I’m asking you to give me your vote and send them a message they’ll never forget.

But I need your help.

In order to vote on 23rd May, you need to register to vote by 6th May. It takes just two minutes, and you can do it at

On 23rd May, let’s send them a message they’ll never forget.