Canadian MP pushed out by Liberal Party, “Riding President” says

Laval’s outgoing Liberal MP for the Vimy riding says she will be pulling out of politics before the upcoming election this fall.

Eva Nassif bid farewell to her constituents Thursday evening, posting a lengthy resignation letter to social media.

“Recent events of a personal nature motivate this decision, which I do not take lightly,” she wrote.

But riding president Giuseppe Margiotta told The Canadian Press that Nassif was pushed out without any reason given.

The entire executive in the riding was “stunned” by the recent developments, he said. 

Margiotta blames the Liberal Party of Canada for leaving his local riding association “in the dark.” He said he wrote to party leaders demanding an explanation, but his email was left unanswered.

The association’s board remains in place until mid-October. Margiotta said he’s open to working with the new candidate, but wants the federal party leaders to explained what happened.

Nassif says it was a personal decision

In the public letter, Nassif said her decision to leave politics was a difficult one because she loved the job.

“Service has always been at the heart of my life, from being a nurse in a war-torn Lebanon to a federal MP in Canada,” she wrote.

“One thing is certain, no matter what the future holds for me, I am convinced that I will continue to serve in one way or another.”

She thanks her family, her constituents, the volunteers and the staff of her MP’s office. She says the greatest gift the position brought her “is the opportunity to meet wonderful people with interesting stories from all corners of Vimy.”

She ends the letter with a list of several things she has learned over her years in office, concluding that “nothing is impossible for the woman who really wants it.”

Nassif was born in Lebanon and immigrated to Canada in 1993 where she became active in women’s rights and youth affairs.

Liberals remain quiet

There is no mention of Liberal leader Justin Trudeau in the two-page letter, but eight days prior she was singing to a different tune. She emailed a statement to La Presse canadienne on Aug. 14, saying she was certain the prime minister would appoint her to represent the party.