Trudeau needs to call the election now

Trudeau needs to call the election now

Justin Trudeau needs to stop pretending we aren’t already in the middle of an election campaign.

In fact, I think the PM should come back from his trip to the G7 and make it official, call the election.

Instead I’m hearing the election won’t be called until September 15, which would be the last day Trudeau can call it.

It’s a bizarre technicality that we are not “officially” in an election campaign right now.

We all know that voting day will be October 21 and we know the parties are making promises and announcements — even leaking old videos to try and embarrass each other.

So why isn’t this considered an election campaign already?

Because the PM has yet to visit the Governor General to make the formal request to dissolve Parliament and start the election.

In 2015, Stephen Harper made that visit to the GG on Aug. 2 and we heard complaint after complaint about how the 79-day campaign was the longest in history.

Yet Stephen Harper’s reasoning for making it official so far ahead was simple — the parties and their leaders were already campaigning, mostly on the public dime, he just made it official and said the parties should pick up the tab.

He could have just left it and waited until the middle of September.

I mean that would have been to his advantage since the PM has more travel perks and opportunities than opposition leaders and he could have kept making spending announcements to buy voters with their own tax dollars.

That’s what Trudeau is doing right now.

Before leaving for the G7 in France the PM spent the past few weeks crisscrossing the country making all kinds of announcements, often re-announcing funding or making new promises that will only happen if he is re-elected.

When it isn’t him it’s his ministers or MPs.

They all travel to these events at taxpayer expense, they have the official stamp of the government of Canada on them but let’s face facts, this is about campaigning.

And you are paying so that Justin Trudeau can try to keep his job?