FREE SPEECH: Rebel Media BANNED from ALL Trudeau Liberal ‘Media’ Events

Justin Trudeau skipped Thursday evening’s Maclean’s debate

It was the first English-language debate of the campaign and his absence was noted with an empty podium on stage.

Trudeau, instead, opted to hold a Liberal campaign event in Edmonton, deep in the heart of former NDP Premier Rachel Notley’s riding.

And I tried to go.

I say “tried” because the Liberal campaign workers had prepared a script to use to keep me from coming into the event with the rest of the media. I caught these lame Liberal excuses on camera! I don’t have the right values. The reason the Liberals kept me out revealed a lot about the mainstream media who were allowed in — they must have values compatible with the Liberals.

Kicking me out was for the best. I had fun outside asking the Liberal supporters waiting in line some prickly questions about SNC-Lavalin and talking to the anti-Trudeau protesters who showed up to greet the Prime Minister.

The last time Trudeau held one of these events in Edmonton, he told a wounded veteran that he was asking for more than the Liberal government was willing to give. Trudeau’s tried and true ability to stick his foot in his mouth, and Albertans’ tendency to push back against the Liberals, meant the Liberals were tightly controlling the access to the event. Anyone suspected conservative was being removed.

Trudeau didn’t skip the Maclean’s debate just to be asked tough questions by disgruntled voters in Alberta!