Liberals getting ‘hammered’ in Ontario’s 905 region: Nanos survey

New polling suggests the Liberals lost support in the suburban areas surrounding Toronto in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s blackface and brownface controversy.

The latest polling from Nanos Survey Research, commissioned by CTV News and The Globe and Mail, suggests Trudeau’s popularity in the 905 area code of the Greater Toronto Area fell by 7.3 percentage points in the past week. The 905 region represents the municipalities surrounding the City of Toronto.

The cellphone and landline survey asked decided voters: “If a federal election were held today, could you please rank your top two current local voting preferences?” and support for the Liberals in the 905 region fell from 47.3 per cent last week to just 40 per cent this week. Support for the Conservatives, on the other hand, grew from 30.8 percent to 39 percent.