Citizen concerned after deceased non-citizen gets federal voter card

Vern Plarina wasn’t a Canadian citizen.

He received a voter information card in the mail from Elections Canada anyways, sent to the address of his surviving partner in east London.

But Plarina couldn’t break the law and cast a ballot in the federal election Oct. 21 even if he wanted to.

He has been dead for more than two years.

Now his surviving partner is asking why — when Plarina was never issued a Canadian voter card in his life — he received one now.

“It’s just weird this is happening all of a sudden. He was never registered,” said Judy Carter.

“I don’t know how many non-voters are on the list or how these mistakes happen, but it is just really weird.”

Plarina, a citizen of the Netherlands and permanent resident of Canada, died Oct. 6, 2017, a month after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was 69.